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Truro Safe PartnershipTruro Safe Partnership

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Truro Safe Partnership

Formed in 2013, the Truro Safe Partnership was set up to respond to the need to improve safety in the evening and at night time within the city. It aims to make sure that anyone who visits Truro city centre on a Saturday evening will be looked after, if they find themselves in a vulnerable position. The street teams within Truro Safe each have their own specialisms, skills and training but work closely together to provide people with the best level of support to deal with various situations.

Support ranges from helping someone who has been separated from their friends - including helping them to get transport home, to providing first aid and giving medical treatment in the dedicated ‘Safe Space' ambulance. The street marshals liaise closely with venue door staff and the police helping to quickly address unruly behaviour from individuals; by preventing them from entering licensed premises or stopping disturbances on the street.


The Partnership is made up of licensed traders, taxi operators, the Police, Truro City Council, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) Service, Safer Cornwall and the Totally Truro Business Improvement District (BID) and the support agencies out on a Saturday night; Truro Street Pastors, Cornwall Resus and the Street Marshals.

Funding currently comes from a number of sources including the Cornwall Community Foundation, Cornwall Councillors grants, Truro City Council and Totally Truro.

CFRCS Service have supported Truro Safe by initially repairing and updating the resus ambulance so that it was equipped and ready for use. They will continue to undertake the regular maintenance of the ambulance to ensure the resus team can provide assistance to the residents and visitors to Truro.

The Truro Street Pastors and the Cornwall Resus team, together with representatives of the Special Constabulary, provide a general presence on the street. This helps to ease the pressure on all the emergency services on the busiest evening of the week, allowing them to respond more quickly to incidents in other locations.

The wider Truro Safe partnership meets regularly throughout the year to review activities, plan resources for busy times of year such as Christmas and New Year and consider other matters in the City.


So next time you're out in Truro don't forget to say hello to these lovely people who are there to help ensure you have an enjoyable and safe visit.

May 2017 Update

The Truro safe scheme, the medic and special constables element on a Saturday night all year around has been previously funded by Truro City Council, Cornwall Council, Totally Truro and to a limited degree the license trade at the start up of the original scheme.

The current funding for the medic and street marshals (at festive periods only) does come to an end at the end of May 2017, this does not effect the street pastor commitment or special constable duties at any other time.

Truro safe Partnership are currently still seeking any potential funding support to extend the street safe scheme.



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11:29am | 24th August 2017