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Threemilestone bus gate set to open next week

The improvements are set to benefit around 1,400 passengers traveling eastbound on buses which stop in Threemilestone every day. Completion of the bus gate will take around 90 buses away from Threemilestone roundabout every day, helping to cut the number of vehicles using the busy junction.

Chyvelah Road bus gate is the first in a series of highway schemes taking place at junctions along the A390 corridor between Threemilestone and Arch Hill roundabout in Truro, known as the Truro Western Corridor package. With around 18,000 journeys made along the route each day, these highway schemes aim to improve traffic flows and public transport links, as well as provide safe routes for cyclists and support approved developments along the corridor.


It is estimated that bus services traveling along the A390 Truro to Threemilestone corridor (including those that serve Threemilestone) remove the equivalent of 2,300 vehicles from the local road network.


Alex Carter, Managing Director of First Kernow, said: "For many years, buses from Threemilestone into Truro have been forced to take a circuitous and slow route because of the inability to directly rejoin the main A390 road to continue the journey into Truro city centre.


"The bus gate changes all of this. Eastbound buses will now follow a natural route straight through Threemilestone, making this a more direct journey for bus users and saving valuable running time. Coupled with our major investment in new fleet for the primary bus route serving Threemilestone, named ‘The Tinner', we hope the public will see the benefits bus travel can offer, and give the service a try."


Councillor Bert Biscoe, Cornwall Council's Portfolio Holder for Transport, said: "Many people will have seen the new buses brought into use in Cornwall in the past few weeks. The Threemilestone bus gate will stop buses having to turn around in the village, and will provide a frequent, clean and quick service which we hope will encourage more people to travel by bus, thereby reducing the number of short-distance trips in cars, reducing pollution and making the village of Threemilestone both well served by public transport and a safer and cleaner environment.


"Changes such as this are disrupting and difficult, and we are very grateful to the community of Threemilestone for its challenge and its tolerance."


David Seville, senior project manager at CORMAC, said: "It's always great to be able to hand over a completed segment of a project that we have worked so hard to bring to fruition. I thank people for their patience and understanding during the works."


It is expected that buses will start using the new bus gate from mid-morning on Thursday 16 March.


For more information on the A390 Truro Western Corridor package visit

Cornwall Council

One of the Cornwall Council offices is based on Pydar Street and oversees a number of public services.

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10:21am | 29th April 2017