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Transport Revolution Comes to Cornwall Co-cars car club launches in Truro and Falmouth

Co-cars is launching the car clubs to provide members with hassle free and cheaper motoring, members only pay for a car when they want to use one, based at convenient locations across the south west, now including Truro and Falmouth. Part of the expanding network of Co-cars ‘hire by the hour' car club which can be hired from as little as £3.75 per hour.

The cars are based at Truro and Falmouth railway stations and Pydar Street car park in Truro, helping to develop a joined-up transport system for Truro, Falmouth and beyond. This will enable people to connect their train journey with a station based ‘hire by the hour' car as part of the expanding network.

Funded by Co-cars and Great Western Railways as well as public sector partners, Co-cars offers its cars for hire to members by the hour with pick-up and return to the specially-reserved parking bays. Members can book 24/7 online or via smartphone and use a smartcard and PIN to open the car.

Co-cars has made the whole process of car sharing exceptionally easy and worked hard to streamline the process down to a Click, Swipe and Drive. Members simply book a car by clicking a PC, tablet or mobile phone, then swipe their membership card against the windscreen to unlock the car - and drive off. It couldn't be easier!

Whilst car clubs are a new concept to Cornwall, they have received local support as they are running successfully in other areas of the country including Devon and Dorset. Car clubs have the benefit of giving people access to a vehicle without having to own one. They also go some way to supporting more sustainable, low carbon, forms of transport; research suggests that on average one car club car results in 10-20 private cars being taken off the road.

Mark Hodgson, Founder and Managing Director of Co-cars said:

"This partnership will make it easier for people to take an integrated door to door journey to their destination. Our cars based at stations in Exeter are hugely popular and I am confident that our recent additions at Truro, Falmouth, Plymouth and Newton Abbot stations will also prove popular. Co-cars network is growing rapidly so travellers will also be able to link into a network of Co-cars in Exeter, and surrounding area as well as other locations in Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire."

"We are very pleased to be extending the network of the car club into Cornwall and giving residents access to cars across our network as well. We focus on supporting the shift from owning to sharing, so members can focus on their life and having a great journey. And all this for only £25 per household membership (for two adults). It's convenient, clever and once you ‘Co-car it', you won't look back. You'll save a surprising amount of money - up to £3,500 per year for the average household. That goes a long way towards funding a family holiday."

Great Western Railway
Regional Development Manager, Dan Okey said "Whether you are a businessman travelling to a meeting, or a family going on holiday many people like to take advantage of train travel but are often put off by the difficulty in reaching the final destination. This partnership provides the perfect onward travel solution, where you will be looked after by our helpful and friendly staff on board and have access to a hire car, just for the time you need it, on arrival."

Individual and household membership costs just £25 per year, while business membership is free. Each hire costs from just £3.75 per hour, with discounts for daily hire, plus 15p per mile. Fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and emergency cover are all included so there are no hidden costs.

Caroline Robinson, Founder of Clear Mapping Co in Penryn added:

"We have been trialling the Co-cars project for some time and we're delighted to see this social enterprise scheme made available to visitors, students and residents in Cornwall."


Co-cars is already operating successfully in Exeter, Topsham, rural Devon, Dorchester and Salisbury, and, by the end of May will also be operating in Plymouth and Newton Abbot as well as Truro and Falmouth. Co-cars membership includes access to all Co-cars in Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Dorset.

There are several memberships available for individuals, households, organisations and employees. For more information, go to, call 0345 345 2544 or email


Co-cars is a car club that provides customers with the freedom to move more sustainably. Co-cars is a social enterprise not for profit scheme.

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4:09am | 21st September 2017