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Totally Truro BID organises free First Aid Training for Truro Businesses

Alun Jones, Totally Truro BID Manager explained; "Truro now holds more than twenty defibrillators, however many people do not know what one looks like or have the confidence in using one. We feel it is important to help businesses within the city be more aware of this life saving device and most importantly feel confident to use it if the situation occurred"

The three training sessions were well attended and businesses who came along included Seasalt, Saltrock, Merchant House, Bang & Olufsen, New Look, Argos, Debenhams, Truro City Council, Cornish Mutual, Marks and Spencer, Primark, Weird Fish, Illustrated Living and Hendra's Hair and Beauty.

Tabitha Fergus and Amanda Seaton, qualified trainers from Cornwall Resus gave the Truro businesses an opportunity to recognise if a person is unconscious, how to administer CPR and how to use a defibrillator, with a brief look into the difference between coughing and choking and how to dislodge an object blocking the air way.

Mark from Newlook said, "We were able to practice on a CPR model, assessing the situation, checking if the patient is awake and breathing, telling someone to call an ambulance, locating a defibrillator and quickly applying CPR. My colleagues and I feel confident now that we would know what to do if this situation happened in our store. It was great to have this training funded by the BID."

Often the defibrillators are locked with a code, and by calling 999, this not only alerts the paramedics, but the access code to unlock and use the defibrillator. Truro is fortunate to have quite few defibrillators, the definitive list can be found on

New Look

As one of the UK's leading fashion retailers all you have to remember is that New Look is always on trend, always in fashion and always in style.

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18:32pm | 21st August 2017